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Rich Internet / Desktop Applications

Cyber Digitex Technologies have Internet applications development professionals who work on the rich Internet application design and rich Internet application development. Developing rich Internet applications require complete user experience. The interface needs to be interactive and efficient. Rich Internet Application offers the user with interface that is more responsive and highly user friendly than the traditional applications.

Rich Internet application design and rich Internet application development at Cyber Digitex Technologies help to utilize the communication systems and helps to increase the productivity of the business through dedicated service. Developing rich Internet applications such as word processors, mobile apps, online games and videos are becoming popular each day.

Desktop applications and rich Internet apps provide the users with best web service. Cyber Digitex Technologies offer desktop application development and rich Internet application development for

  • Flex
  • Silver light
  • Ajax
  • Flash Action script
  • Adobe AIR

Flash Actionscript

ActionScript is an OOP language that is used in flash movies to enhance user interactivity. It can be a simple or complex application. ActionScript is based on the script language ECMA and are effectively used in the development of websites based on the platform of flash player.

Flash is an effective and attractive tool that enables the user to create highly skilled and attractive applications and presentations that will look great, work perfectly and smoothly. Cyber Digitex Technologies is involved in the flash application development and most of the websites uses flash action script 3 components to interact with the users. Our professionals use wide range of flash action script animation to create interactive flash animations and tutorials.

Our flash action script can determine how the latest technologies such as flash CS4 and flash CS3 can be used for creating custom flash animations.

What we offer

  • Flash web design
  • Flash Dynamic Website
  • Flash presentations
  • CBT
  • 3D animation
  • 3D photo Gallery
  • Interactive flash tutorial

On screen environments can be easily created with ActionScript. ActionScript is a language based on event. Cyber Digitex Technologies use flash action script animation and flash action script to effectively support many browsers and platforms, to manipulate raster and vector graphics, to support video and audio bi directional streaming and suit multimedia.

AJAX Application

AJAX is a technology incorporating following to develop user-friendly Rich Internet Applications,
  • A combination of CSS and XHTML as standardized presentations
  • Interaction and display dynamically with DOM
  • Manipulating and interchanging data with XSLT and XML
  • Retrieval of asynchronous data with XMLHttpRequest
  • Binding all together with JavaScript

Use of AJAX has the following benefits,

  • Better user interface
  • Better performance
  • Better response time
  • Reduces bandwidth transfer
  • No installation of any third party component on the browser
  • Last, but not the least, Better user experience

Cyber Digitex Technologies has expertise in developing AJAX enabled websites and Rich Internet Applications. Following are some of the AJAX frameworks that we use, but are not limited to,
  • Prototype.js
  • ASP.NET AJAX (former ATLAS)
  • Yahoo UI
  • jQuery
  • Mootools
  • ExtJS
  • GWT

Cyber Digitex Technologies offer ajax scripts and ajax websites that are used along with Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) to offer the users an increased interactivity and functionality. Ajax development is useful for both local and remote applications. Addition of RIA for developing ajax web applications can be saving operational costs, control the circulation of documents and provide high security.

Increased interactions between the ajax supported interfaces enable to enclose the gap between the web based and desktop based applications. Cyber Digitex Technologies is involved in ajax web development and ajax web programming to gradually utilize ajax application development to build or utilize already existing software. Ajax is a well-applied advantage for any ajax websites or for sites using ajax web applications.

Adobe AIR Application

Adobe AIR uses the efficiency of flex, HTML, flash and Ajax to help adobe air developer to apply RIA to the desktop directly. Cyber Digitex Technologies help in the development of adobe air apps that can run on any computer without the help of any web browsers. Adobe air programs can be utilized to help the adobe air developer to create, design and develop applications based on the desktop that can offer user friendly, rich and powerful web experience. Cyber Digitex Technologies acts as adobe air developer center to design and develop adobe air programs for rich applications development. Adobe air development ensures that rich interactive application is created for complete client satisfaction. Best adobe air apps make sure that clients get complete satisfaction, greater profit, improved productivity and high profitability.