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PHP Application Development

PHP is an open source language that is used widely in the creation of dynamic web pages. PHP forms a part of essential LAMP bundle. LAMP architecture is used widely in the PHP web application development. Cyber Digitex is a professional PHP development company India that is involved in the offshore php development that involves php software development and php web development. MySQL can be used along with PHP to build applications that are driven by database.

The clients can change and customize the applications to use for the exact requirements of the users. Cyber Digitex Technologies is a php website development company that focuses on php software development and php web development. PHP web application development is done perfectly through platforms such as MAC OS X, Windows and Linux.

You may outsource php development requirements to Cyber Digitex in order to offer an environment that is more stable and compatible with the environment. As an offshore PHP development company in India, we are focused in delivering our clients with flexible options to outsource PHP development in order to gain maximum profit in their business.

Custom Application Development

Our custom php development team have designed and developed many web portals for clients across the globe. Custom php application development includes defining and developing the site, testing the usability and scrutinizing the competition. PHP is usually designed to create dynamic web pages and are designed to get the web development done easily. Cyber Digitex Technologies offer custom php development and custom php programming. PHP is most often used in websites that are driven through database.

Cyber Digitex Technologies ensure that the custom php scripts used for web development are free of bugs and match the present generation and technologies. Our professionals can involve in any custom PHP application development such as design and development of PHP portals, directories, classifieds, databases and job portals. PHP can be considered as the fast, secure, reliable solution provider for developing web services.

Opensource CMS Application Development

The content updating and management can be done at ease with the help of Content Management System (CMS). Cyber Digitex Technologies is a CMS development company that focuses on custom CMS development and CMS web development. Open source web design and open source application development team can offer you complete solutions for your business needs.

Cyber Digitex provided our clients with open source CMS and open source web design that was used in majority of the Industries and other business types. Our CMS application development and CMS web development team are focused on delivering our clients and customers with latest technology, features and updates.
  • Word Press

  • Word press is built using PHP and MYSQL. It is used as a blogging tool and publishing platform and as an effective CMS. It has plug-in architecture and template management system. More than million people use word press, which stands testimonial for its use.


    • Custom themes
    • Database of 17,000 plug-in
    • Multi user multi blogging
    • Widgets
    • Spam protection
    • Comments
    • Easy to import features
    • Ping away – Search engine friendly setup
    • Easy installation


    • Open source which comes with no cost and effective community support
    • Customers can have their own domain name
    • Faster time to market
    • Easy to use


    Worlds popular web sites use word press for their publishing needs. Word press is easy to install, manage and administer. Further effective community support ensures that it is secured and highly scalable. Easy content management system with due administrator rights and minimal learning ensures the popularity of the word press.
  • Joomla

  • Joomla is the most popular, friendly open source content management system, which comes with multi language support. Easy to use, high extensibility had made joomla a popular choice of web developers.


    • Effective user management with administration mechanism to support 9 groups
    • Banner management
    • Polls
    • Search & navigation
    • Template management
    • News feed management
    • SEO friendly setup
    • Media and language manager
    • High degree of extensibility


    • Easy to add new pages with minimal training
    • Uniform template gives consistent look
    • Visitors can view language of their choice
    • Multi user access with individual permission
    • Easy to use extensions
    • More than two hundred thousand user community support


    Joomla is based on PHP using oops techniques and stores database. Features include caching, RSSfeeds, blogs, polls, search, support for language internationalization etc. There are around 8600 free and paid extensions available in joomla. Joomla supports different platform and browsers.
  • Drupal

  • Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) and content management frame work written in PHP .It is used for knowledge management systems in business collaboration. Worlds top web site use drupal as a back end system.


    Drupal is platform friendly and supports any server capable of running a database. Drupal provides sophisticated programming interface and basic one to support basic web site installation. Drupal has 10,000 developer accounts and 6,48000 user accounts, Strong community support ensures that it is highly secure and easy to use. Worlds leading web site use drupal for business collaboration further it is highly extensible.


    • User account registration
    • Menu management
    • RSS feeds
    • Page customization
    • Plug-in extensibility and modular design
    • Blogs, forums, polls, Advanced search options
    • Descriptive urls
    • Multi site, multi menu support
    • Access control
    • Themes
    • Strong community support
    • SEO friendly setup
    • Modular and extensible
    • Hierarchical taxonomy
    • Multi lingual support


    • Easy to create and manage CMS features
    • Highly secured
    • Easy to use update with minimal training
    • Value for money

  • MODx

  • MODX is an open source content management system (CMS) and web application framework. MODX is written using PHP and uses MySQL database. MODX is widely used for publishing content in World Wide Web.MODX helps to manage content with ease. MODX content management framework is fast, flexible and offers enhanced flexibility, scalability.


    • Developer friendly and easy to customize
    • MVC compliant
    • Hierarchy based permission
    • Cross browser and cross platform support
    • Rich user interface
    • Features to support nested functionality
    • Rich text editor


    • Search engine friendly
    • Easy to develop and manage for developers and administrators
    • High degree of customization in interfaces
    • Easy to edit
    • No hidden cost
    • Compliance with standards
    • Easy to upload image and media


    MODX is built using PHP and Mysql as back end. MODX has global end user development communities. MODX allows full segregation of content, appearance, behavior and logic. MODX is standards compliant, extensible and search engine friendly.
  • CodeIgniter

  • Codeignitor is a PHP framework used for building dynamic web sites, which is easy to use, highly secured which follows MVC pattern (Model view controller), it guarantees easy learning. Simplicity to develop followed by speed with which it works makes it more desirable.


    • Effective documentation and robust user guide
    • Easy to interpret and use which makes it as preferred choice
    • Effective model handling with simple procedures and SQL commands
    • Rules are assigned and then validated. Error messages also can be validated
    • Migration is quite friendly
    • High degree of customization with out affecting native feature is a possibility
    • No usage of command lines
    • Highly compatible
    • Multiple data platform support


    • Faster development time result in cost saving, quick return on investment (ROI)
    • Highly secured
    • Easy to install
    • Quick debugging
    • MVC frame work provide easy to manage features
    • Effective library support


    Codeignitor framework is easy to debug and simple with rich library and hassle free migration option and easy customization with out rigid codes followed by user guide and documentation makes it as a preferred choice. The goal is to develop projects at a faster rate through codeignitor. It is based on the MVC pattern.
  • DotNetNuke

  • Dot net nuke is an open source web content management system based on technology. Dot net nuke is built on the idea to allow non technical user to use the site effectively. It is highly extensible with more number of third party apps to support the feature.


    • Efficient user interface allows easy operation
    • Multiple portal and individual support
    • Easy to install
    • Multi language support
    • Advanced CMS with scalable options
    • Easy to integrate
    • Built in features (Cross browser, Security, Membership options)
    • Strong community support


    • Saves significant time
    • Increased return on investment
    • Highly secured
    • Fully customizable
    • Widely recognized
    • Constantly evolving
    • Simplifies internal management process. Makes hosting packages attractive.


    Dot net nuke uses three-tier architecture with core framework providing support to extensible modular structure. Dotnet nuke is highly extensible with additional functionality. Visually appealing look and feel can be customized with skins. Around 8,000 modules are available with extended functionalities Skinning architecture provides separation between design and content. A web designer develop skins with out any specialist knowledge of development.
  • Magento

  • Magento is an open source Ecommerce based web application, which provides scalable, flexible features for business growth. Magento provides robust features to site owners and end users. Increasingly clients are embracing magento world wide because of its affordable solution and rich features.


    • Promotional tools for marketing
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Search engine optimization
    • Catalog management
    • Product management
    • Shipping
    • Payment gateway integration
    • Order management


    • Effective product (inventory) management
    • Easy to manage Advertisement
    • Increased return on investment (ROI)
    • Good customer relation management


    Magento is an open source ecommerce solution best suited for the needs of client who want to have an enhanced reach and quick return on investment .All our magneto solutions comes with affordable cost. Magento provides high scalability and effective banner advertisement management for portals, which frequently change their offers, based on season.

    Easy to use Interface with visually appealing layout of products makes the site a shoppers dream. Secured payment gateway integration with shipping option and multilingual feature makes Magento a desirable choice of software for all ecommerce needs.

e-Commerce Application Development

Cyber Digitex Technologies Pvt. Ltd is involved in providing open source ecommerce web solution to the clients. Ecommerce software and website design services are offered by Cyber Digitex’s software development firm at Coimbatore. Cyber Digitex is involved in providing software for shopping cart, integration of payment gateways and best open source ecommerce solution. As a dedicated ecommerce website design company, our designers are involved in providing our clients with excellent open source ecommerce solutions that surpass all of their expectations. Our company was successful in delivering our clients with high quality services through custom built open source shopping carts and payment gateways.

Services that we offer are

  • Promotion through Internet
  • E-catalogs
  • B2C ecommerce solutions
  • B2B ecommerce solutions

Our solutions are designed to effectively manage the contents of your website, track the sales made online, access the information from the customer through promotional activities and follow up procedures. Our transactions are made secure and are simple to handle.

Opensource CRM Application Development

Cyber Digitex Technologies has got a vast level of experience in the field of CRM. If you are looking out for a perfect CRM solution at low cost then you can get the required information from Cyber Digitex. A best open source crm can offer Sales Force Automation (SFA), Sales Forecasting, service management and lead management. Commercial Open Source CRM can be helpful in determining the leads & opportunities. This in turn can be helpful in raising the sales, service and marketing department's performance level up.

Frameworks Application Development

Cyber Digitex Technologies is a php framework development company that focuses on design and development of dynamic websites. Many php web frameworks provide libraries for accessing the database, frameworks for templating and managing the sessions. Php framework development usually involves reuse of codes. Our developers can offer you php web framework and php framework design at affordable rates. Cyber Digitex Technologies has our own framework development for most of the PHP applications. This enhances the security and performance for the applications based upon web. Our own framework for application development involves minimum bug interruption and increased performance that in turn ensures that the applications developed are of high quality.