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Facebook Page

Custom facebook business pages design play a major role in Social Media Marketing. Facebook is the leading social media website. It is essential that one design and uses the facebook page for business promotion and facebook allow the user to handle many numbers of Facebook fan page creation at once.
  • Facebook page design with FBJS
  • Facebook page design with FBML
The FBML application can be used effectively to create many different facebook pages. Pages that are created through FBML can increase the back link and hence can increase the page rank of the website and help in facebook advertising and marketing.

FBML can be helpful to add customized pages for facebook advertising and marketing. If you are in need to add a JavaScript in the facebook page then FBML can be helpful. With the help of JavaScript one can add mouse over effects, scrolling images effect, etc.

Few features that can be added in facebook page are

  • Adding contents on wall.
  • Updating the fans page.
  • Measurement of page traffic.
  • Page updating with news to help in keeping fans updated.
  • Help in keeping the fan page and blog feed synchronized.
  • Updating and sending news to fans.
  • Adding apps to page.
  • Promoting the pages through social ads, events and facebook.
  • Installation of RSS feeds on fan page.
  • Promotions, polls and competitions.
  • Keep fans updated through news .

Facebook customized page design

Almost all the custom Facebook business pages have the same name in the tabs. But we create a facebook page with tabs that are related to your services. Setting custom Facebook business pages so that it generates revenue and leads is essential to get more clients across the globe.

Having a business website is not important but making the online presence with the help of the social media websites and interacting with the consumers is much important.